Booster Opportunities
How to help TGC and get your hours too!

Boosters are parents of the Dance team and both Gymnastics teams.  Parents are asked to help our gym by volunteering time; Dance Team parents 10 hours per season and boys and girls Gymnastics Team parents 20 hours per season.  A volunteer notebook is located in the office with sheets for you to record your hours for the "job" that you have completed.  There are many ways that you can ‘earn” hours and make our gym a better place. Service beginning and ending dates June 1 thru May 31.

Meets - During the girls meet usually in October and the boys meet usually in January we need a lot of help. From setting up the gym the night before the meet, to working during the meet and cleaning our gym after the meet - there are a lot of jobs to do!.  Before the meet - with coaches supervision - we set the floor for competition and prepare hospitality rooms for coaches and judges as well as set the Flip Flop Shop for concession sells.

Coaches Dinners - We also facilitate a Coaches dinner in the gym 2 times a year.  This is usually a 2 day event from  4 -8 at night so that they will be able to have dinner during their break.  We keep the Flip Flop Shop open during this time as this is our “staging area”.  Volunteers are needed to: prep dinner supplies, make sure all the supplies are stocked during dinner, to clean the dinner area as well as the Flip Flip Shop from dinner prep.

Celebration of Lights - We also sell necklaces at the City of of Tallahassee winter parade. The Celebration of Lights, Winter Parade is sponsored by the City of Tallahassee. This is a fantastic way to show TGC spirit by working with fellow team families. This fundraiser helps support the many programs that TGC offers.

Flip Flop Shop - This is a store that sells GK leotards as we as TGC t-shirts. The sheets on the door are just meant to hold your place to work.  Any booster may work - there are many things to do like straight racks, clean out hold area, be creative with signs.  The shop is very busy during the first 3 weeks of a new recreational session - it sometimes takes more than 2 boosters.

Food and Work sign ups - During meets and coaches dinners the board will post sign ups either on the competitive board outside of the Flip Flop Shop or thru Sign up genius.

Boosters will receive notification of these sign ups thru the Booster Blast.  

Sign-up for the Blast today so that you don't miss an opportunity to be a part of the Booster Team!!